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Who are OLCEA?

OLCEA - The Ophthalmologists' Center is Denmark's leading ophthalmic surgery clinics.

Olcea has a great emphasis on high professional quality, therefore they only work with the most experienced recognized eye specialists/ophthalmic surgeons from across the country. They have built up significant experience and professional renown over the years, and therefore our clinic in Aarhus is also one of the largest ophthalmic centers, with over 6500 annual lens or cataract surgeries.

Olcea are proud of their results, and offer treatment with state-of-the-art technology, knowledge, and instruments.

The Overall Goal

To keep it simple, the overall goal was to increase the amount of monthly patients for OLCEA.

We were going to do this by consistently capturing high-quality leads in a cost-effective way.

Our Plan of Action

We knew we had to get creative, as competition for their treatments is very high in their area.

1) Research

We started off by looking into which advertising platform would work best for capturing their ideal client.

By analyzing previous campaigns and data, as well as running a few test ads, we were finally able to determine the best platform for acquiring high quality leads.

2) High-Quality Lead Generation

Next, we generated leads that were hyper qualified.

We did this through a variery of strategies and methods, but ultimately we ensured to target the right areas and be clear about thr treatments we were promoting.

3) The Golden Converting System

Next, we needed a system to qualify the leads even further to make sure they were OLCEA's ideal patient.

Avoiding Bad Leads

We needed a way of filtering out the time-wasters, whilst still encouraging serious prospects to complete the lead form.

We put forward a good value proposition, such as a free consultation, and then ask prospects to give us some basic information.

This encourages serious enquiries from people who actually are in need of the service, whilst also discouraging people who are just browsing around without serious intentions.

Automatic Lead Follow Up

We configured and set up a custom email follow-up system, which serves as another layer of pre-qualification, as well as a great way to keep prospects engaged.

The Results After 45 Days..

Thanks to our efforts, OLCEA were able to experience these incredible results...


New High Paying Clients

Over 21x

return on ad-spend


Revenue Generated by Virgo

"OLCEA is now proud to open 5 new locations in 2024"

As a result of our work, clinic OLCEA is now expanding an opening up several new locations